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Versatility sets us apart whether you choose to custom design or utilize a selection from an extensive library of more than 175 plans and adapt it to fit your needs.  Since 1991, TIMBERLINE log homes, cabins and lodges have been constructed near major ski areas, along lake and river shores, in alpine settings, on ranches and farms, lining fairways and in 'rustic' residential developments.

Because climates vary drastically, each structure is engineered to meet specific requirements for the area where it will be built.  If excessive snow load is an issue, for example, then the design and roof support addresses that need. Since interior walls generally aren't load bearing in TIMBERLINE structures, virtually any room configuration within the log shell is possible to meet your needs.  This means that floor plans we provide are merely suggestions and can easily be modified. We can also work from designs generated by other sources, including architects.


TIMBERLINE's logs are harvested and milled from dead standing trees caused as a result of beetle kill, forest fire or other natural factors.  With affected outter portions removed, the wood is robust with low moisture content - ideal for building with logs.  Since the logs are in a 'dry' as opposed to 'green' state, shrinkage doesn't occur.  TIMBERLINE'S 'turned' logs also only settle about three-quarters of an inch compared to 6 to 10 inches when 'scribed' or handcrafted (green) logs are used.  Consequently, pre-erection and/or the need for allowing the shell to "shrink" for 6 to 8 months before final construction isn't necessary with our structures.  This means building problems associated with extensive settling over a period of years aren't issues with TIMBERLINE homes, cabins and lodges.  Because of precise engineering and precutting, as well as the extremely dry condition of the logs we utilize, our structures feature the tightest log construction possible.


• Choice of 6", 7", 8", 9", 10", 11", 12", 14" or 16" diameter, full Swedish coped logs.
- We also offer D-profile logs.
• Choice of 'standard' or 'cabin' grade logs.
- A standard grade log has a more uniform look, while cabin grade is more rustic in appearance.
• Design options include selecting from our extensive library of more than 170 designs and having us modify the plan you choose to your specific needs, having us create a totally custom design to your specifications, or working from a plan created by another source including architects.
• Your log home or cabin can be as rustic or as elegant as your tastes desire.
• Timberline logs feature precision custom notching and precutting specifically for your structure.
• Options are virtually unlimited including roofing, windows, decking, wall and floor finishing, etc.

No one in the log structure business takes more pride in providing a quality product at an affordable price than we do.  Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.  Whether for a second home, a primary residence, a small cabin, or a commercial lodge or building, you'll want to see all TIMBERLINE has to offer.  Let us know if we can help in any way.