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Timberline log homes can be built using either Swedish coped logs or D-Profile logs. These are considered to be 'true' or real log homes and cabins because exterior wall logs are load bearing which makes exterior framing unnecessary. Another option offered by Timberline is to conventionally 'stick build' a home or cabin, then use log siding, with saddle notched corners, to make it appear like a log structure from the outside. Log siding is also a popular choice for remodeling projects with the option of full-round, saddle-notched corners.

Swedish Coped Logs

Full round logs with a clean, natural appearance and available in two grades (standard and cabin).  This coping technique, developed in Scandinavia, provides a very weather-tight fit when utilized with dry logs as well as a gasket and adhesive material placed between each course (level) of logs.  Caulking or chinking may also be applied to assure weather-tight fit.  Swedish coping has a proven record of being a simple, cost effective, energy efficient method of fitting logs together for wall construction. Saddle notched corners help to secure each course while providing a most desireable appearance. 

D-Profile Logs

D-profile logs provide a flat surface on the interior of the structure.  They are only available in 5" (rustic D and cedar), 7" (rustic D), 8" (double t&g and rustic D), and 12" (double t&g) heights. Widths range from 6" to 8". Along with lodge pole pine, we also offer a 5" D-profile in cedar.

Log Siding

Half log siding can be used in new "conventional" construction, remodeling or in
"re-siding" projects to give a full log appearance from the outside.  It is typically utilized
in garage construction when a sheet rocked interior is preferred. Existing homes or cabins are often re-sided using log siding to portray a rustic log exterior appearance. Corners can be extended with full-round end saddle notching (shown to the left) as an option to give a realistic log appearance, or the siding courses can be butted. 

Grades Available
Profiles Available
Swedish Coped
D-Profile Logs -  5" (rustic D and cedar), 7" (rustic D), 8" (double t&g and rustic D) and 12" (double t&g) heights only
in widths ranging from 6" to 8".
Log Siding - heights available as in Swedish coped examples
Swedish Coped Sizes Available
  6-inch diameter
  7-inch diameter
  8-inch diameter
  9-inch diameter
10-inch diameter
12-inch diameter
14-inch diameter
16-inch diameter 

Wood Species
Lodgepole Pine/Douglas Fir/Spruce
Cedar in 5" D-Profile Logs Only
Also Available
Logs with Bark (ask for pricing)
Log Stairs, 1/2 log treads, 4-ft width notched for 13 treads
Full Round Log sizes 6-24 inches in diameter with lengths up to 40 feet